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КОРМИМ СОБАК НА Заброшенном Острове Духов Спасаем от Голода | Elli Di Pets

My Insta about my pets: Watch "The Ghost of Veran" on Elli Di: Gina's Dog Channel: ▼ MORE ▼ Detailed Description ▼ - Subscribe to Elli Di Pets! Hello everyone, my name is ElliDi and I have a dog Jackie Russell Terrier Gina, on my channel you will find useful videos for dog owners, as well as entertaining videos featuring my dog ​​Gina and other dogs! See my popular playlists below! Put your finger UP on this video and add it to your playlist, and if you really like it, be sure to share this video on your social networks. ▼ I'm in social networks ▼ My life channel Elli Di: Channel with Stories and Transas: Kirill Channel: - subscribe! VK group about our pets: My personal VK page: Public VK Ellie Dee: Instagram about our pets: My Instagram: I'm at Periscope: Elli Di Game Channel: I'm on Twitter: Gina's Dog Channel: For PR: Advertising: Link to this video: ▼ Movie Description ▼ After meeting with a lonely dog ​​on the island, we decided to return to her, having previously gone to the store. But when we sailed there, there were already three dogs! Where are they from on an abandoned island? ▼ TOP10 Playlists ▼ great videos, see it all! 1. Tops and interesting facts: 2. Purchases from the pet store: 3. Dog care: 4. Music 30 sec: 5. Riding with the dog: 6. Dog Health: 7. Gin's dog sings: 8. Dog training: 9. Solving dog problems: 10. Hotel for dogs: ▼ Do you want your pet to be in a new video? ▼ Do not forget to send a video of your pets! Pour them onto YandexDisk and send me the link Subscribe to the channel "Elli Di Pets": See you in the new video Elli Di