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Visit the online conference from Skillbox - Every schoolboy knows that there is no perpetual motion machine. There is such a textbook example - a thousand years ago, Bhaskar the Second drew a project of perpetual motion in the form of a wheel with vessels filled... no, not water. And mercury. This is considered one of the earliest projects of the perpetual motion machine. But for some reason no one pays attention, why mercury? Maybe because this metal with unique properties really seemed in ancient times quite a suitable basis for the amazing mechanisms for us? But today is not about mercury, about it in another release, you can watch it on the link in the tip, and then return to this video. Now let's fast forward to 40 years ago, in 1977. What we see? The first Muscovite on hydrogen fuel. Many write in the comments that the use of water in the engine is an energy-consuming process. And it is. After all, first you need to divide the water into oxygen and hydrogen and then burn it all. But there is one very interesting detail. Catalyst. Here on these shots - a chemical reactor for the collapse of water. That is why we see a special box and gloves. In the comments there is speculation that this is a reagent. It's been 42 years, and where are these patents? Where is this mysterious energy-storage powder? And here is another video, now foreign, about the same years, 1974. Water in the gas tank, clean exhaust, generator - almost all the same. So all these stories that are gaining millions of views, not a joke and not a joke. And then there is such a device: the Hydro generator Kapanadze It works on compressed air. Here it is disconnected from power, and now it works autonomously. Load, a kettle and a light bulb is about 3 kilowatts. Speaking of bulbs. Many have already heard that in the fire Department of Livermore, California, the light bulb has been on for over a century. About this light bulb, listed in the Guinness book of records, everyone can read on Wikipedia. And in the same Wikipedia we can learn about the classic case of conspiracy manufacturers. In 1924, during the great Depression, arranged in the United States by bankers, large electrical corporations, in addition to increasing prices, agreed to artificially reduce the life of incandescent lamps. Well, what you can think of to support the economy, from which the fed bankers suck all the blood. And here's another inventor. Andrew Slobodian. This is a variation of the so-called Searle Generator assembled by Slobodian in South Korea. It produces 10 kW of electricity. A skeptic might say it's just a drum with batteries. And write in the comments that if this miracle put the wheels, it will reach the edge of the flat earth. Laughable laughter, but was there any point in working on a dummy for decades, and then going to Korea, for the presentation and further production of a fake generator? And does it make sense for Korean specialists to promote it? Of course, the inventors who make these things have extraordinary technical talent. And most importantly - they are practices, not theorists. And for many of us, not a University diploma, but practical skills have become crucial in professional activity. Where can they be obtained? Like here. Right now in the online University Skill box is a free online conference on three professions in digital. Web design, Internet marketing, programming. Leading practices of the digital market in the CIS until the end of August for free share their experiences and secrets of success in these professions. Speakers tell how to avoid burnout or make a cool resume, and most importantly, give all the necessary knowledge to try yourself in one of the latest popular professions. All webinars are online, and therefore you will be able to communicate directly and ask questions one of the best specialists in their field. The guys from skill-box have long been known as an excellent, more modern alternative to traditional education. The link for free registration will be in the description. If you are thinking about changing your profession to a more interesting, modern and popular one, look in the direction of digital. For him future. If this is not important for you, do not be angry because the release was interrupted by an advertising pause, because for someone this ad will be very useful. And even can change life. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #generator #from #air