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КТО ПОТЕРЯЛ АЙФОН НА ФАН ВСТРЕЧЕ ? Распаковка Посылки от Подписчиков и Подарки | Elli Di

Lizun's last video, he died See House Ghost 2 first: My Instagram: ▼ MORE ▼ Share with your friends! ▼ Elli Di Subscribe! ▼ ABOUT ME ▼ Hello everyone, my name is Ellie, my subscribers call themselves - Ellita =) This is my life channel! Here I publish everything: Sketches, pranks, challenges, experiments, purchases, vlogs and my whole life. Sometimes on the channel I announce the beginning of the series. ▼ I am in social networks ▼ YouTube channel Elli Di Pets: Channel Cyril: - subscribe! Elli Di Online channel: Elli Di game channel: My Instagram: Kirill's Instagram: Instagram about our pets: My personal VK page: VK Public Ellie Dee: VK group about our pets: I'm on Twitter: I am in Odnoklassniki: For PR: Link to this video: ▼ Detailed video description ▼ On June 1, 2019, my First Fan Meeting with Subscribers took place ... I was waiting for this day! But, unfortunately, on the same day, the measures taken were my favorite rabbit Lizun ... It was unexpected and very sad ... and painful. But my subscribers truly saved me and at the fan meeting gave a lot of attention, love and gifts. This video was unpacking gifts from a fan meeting. It's like a package from subscribers, only the video turned out to be Mega long! In one of the packages I found an iPhone, only it is not a gift to me, but some of the subscribers just simply forgot it ... And now I'm looking for a host! See season 2 House-Ghost from the first series: See Season 1 House-Ghost from the beginning Subscribe to the Elli Di Pets channel: And on this channel Elli Di Subscribe: See you in new videos with ElliDi