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НОЧЬ НА ОСТРОВЕ ДУХОВ В ПОЛНОЛУНИЕ Заброшенный Остров Мистика | Призрак Вэрана #5 Elli Di

See Ghost House 2 first: My Instagram: - video on a yacht Captain Kostya here: ▼ STILL ▼ Share with your friends! ▼ Elli Di Subscribe! ▼ ABOUT ME ▼ Hello everyone, my name is Ellie, my subscribers call themselves - Ellita =) This is my life channel! Here I publish everything: Sketches, pranks, challenges, experiments, purchases, vlogs and my whole life. Sometimes on the channel I announce the start of the series. ++++++ The series "The Ghost of Veran" ++++++ The series will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Subscribe to the channel so as not to miss the exit and check the bell. ... After returning from the Ghost House, Ellie saw that the healers of Verana were already pursuing her even at home. In addition, Ally now has Verana beads, and this artifact is very important. Ellie and Cyril decide to go on a yacht to Captain Costa as soon as possible, since he feels a curse on himself, and together they are able to overcome it ... Events are carried on board the Elli Di yacht ... * Based on real events! All characters are real, NOT ALL events are fictitious. * The video does not contain obscenities, scenes of violence, blood, any actions and images prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation. All actors are 18 years old. The script of the series is fictional, but not completely ... ▼ I'm in social networks ▼ Elli Di Pets YouTube Channel: Kirill Channel: - subscribe! Elli Di Online Channel: Elli Di Game Channel: My Instagram: Cyril Instagram: Instagram about our pets: My personal VK page: Public VK Ellie Dee: VK group about our pets: I'm on Twitter: I'm in Odnoklassniki: For PR: Link to this video: ▼ Detailed video description ▼ Ellie and Cyril stayed the night on the island, on the very edge of the pier, in the hope that Captain Kostya would catch himself and begin to search for them. But on the island only the minions of Verana were waiting for them. ... Watch Season 2 Phantom House from the first series: Watch Season 1 Ghost House from the start Subscribe to the Elli Di Pets channel: And on this channel Elli Di Subscribe: See you in the new videos with Elli Di