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Hot Pots and Clambakes With Dale Talde

Go on location with Bon Appétit to Talde in Brooklyn. Chef-owner Dale Talde explains the connection between the hot pots he serves at his restaurant and the New England clam bakes of his youth. Watch Bon Appétit on The Scene: Subscribe to the all-new Bon Appétit channel here: Visit the Bon Appétit channel for more video: Visit the Bon Appétit website for more: Connect with Bon Appétit Magazine online: Visit BonAppé Follow Bon Appétit on Facebook: Follow Bon Appétit on Google+: Follow Bon Appétit on Twitter: Follow Bon Appétit on Instagram: Follow Bon Appétit on Pinterest: Follow Bon Appétit on Tumblr: Hot Pots and Clambakes With Dale Talde Starring: Dale Talde