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ОБНАГЛЕЛ В КРАЙ [Красавица и Чудовище] (Выпуск 113)

Special thanks to the store, "Red & White" on the street Antonov 20 (it's in Penza, if that - Penza. City any) for your patience! And his staff - for their understanding and provided jars =). Guys, thank you! You are best! :) PS. When taking the contents of any of the cans did not survived! =) And this, let's do not drive us, it's just a sense of humor =). Better yet, subscribe! Support the project! Peace for everyone! _____________________________________________________________ Hello friends!!! You channel Beauty and the Beast. Series about the Russian reality). We have lots of humorous videos, funny inserts, and a huge pile of fun sketches. Issues out 2 times a week, Subscribe and do not miss the new cool or just funny video. All videos: Our inst: We Telegram: Our group VC Subscribe, comment, share videos with friends, and let's be friends)