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6 easy ways to toast your day [BA Recipes]

Upgrade your bread! These unique toppings make a slice of toast appropriate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Ingredients: Bread toast — 6 slices Cream cheese — 4 oz Ricotta — 4 oz Salt — to taste For Caprese Toast: Mozarella (balls/pearls) — 1,5 g Yellow and red tomatoes — 1 oz each Salt — to taste Fresh basil leaves, olive oil, balsamic cream For Salmon Toast: Smoked salmon — 2-3 slices Red onion — couple of thin slices Black pepper (optional) For Egg Toast: Egg — 1 Salt, pepper, parsley For Cucumber Toast: Cucumber — 1 Salt, dill — to taste For Tomato Toast: Tomato — ½ Red onion — couple of thin slices Pesto sauce — to taste For Banana Toast: Banana — ½ Honey — 1 tsp Sunflower seeds (toasted) - 1 tsp Kcal per 100 g - 175 Directions: Toast each bread slice Mix ricotta with salt Slather the ricotta on top of 3 toasts Caprese Toast Tomatoes Mozarella Basil leaves Salt to taste and drizzle with oil and balsamic cream. Salmon Toast Put salmon slices Thinly sliced onion Pepper Egg Toast Put 1 egg cooked sunny side up Sprinkle with chopped parsley Slather the cream cheese on top of 3 other toasts Cucumber Toast Fresh cucumber slices Salt Sprinkle with chopped dill Tomato Toast Pesto Tomato slices Top with onion slices Banana Toast Sliced banana Drizzle with honey Sprinkle with sunflower seeds