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Cranberry fruit jellies [BA Recipes]

BA Recipes in Telegram - Fruity homemade candies will add sparkle to any dessert spread. Ingredients: Cranberry purée — 18 oz Sugar — 18 oz Pectin — 0,4 oz Fruit sugar syrup — 2,6 oz Lemon juice — 0,4 oz Granulated or powdered sugar — for coating Oil — optional Kcal per 100 g - 212 Directions: Combine a bit of sugar with pectin and mix thoroughly Warm purée over low heat until it reaches 100 °F Add the pectin mixture and raise the heat to medium Bring to boil and add fruit sugar syrup and sugar Bring to boil Keep stirring occasionally, until thermometer registers 225 °F Remove from heat Stir in lemon juice Pour into prepared dish (with oiled parchment paper) Let cool to room temperature and set until ready to cut Slice jellies with a knife Roll in sugar before serving