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Boozy Coconut Hot Fudge Milkshake [BA Recipes]

Combine dessert + drinks and what do you get? Boozy milkshakes! Coconut milk adds deep flavor + a silky mouthfeel. Chocolate makes everything better. And of course the liqueur is optional, but we love that this decadent dessert doubles as a cocktail. Ingredients: Ice cream — 16 oz Coconut milk — 8 oz Coconut liqueur or syrup — 2 oz Chocolate sauce or hot fudge— 4 oz Coconut flakes, whipped cream and chocolate sauce for serving Kcal per 100 g - 247 Directions: Blend ice cream, milk and liqueur until smooth Pour chocolate sauce evenly between the glasses Pour milkshake Top with whipped cream, coconut flakes and chocolate drizzle BA Recipes in Telegram -