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Loaded italian sub BA Recipes]

Craving a classic Italian sub? Make it yourself with this fully loaded recipe! Ingredients: Salami — 7 oz Ham — 7 oz Mortadella — 7 oz Mozarella — to taste Parmesan — to taste Basil leaves — ¼ bunch Tomatoes — 1-2 Olive oil — 2 tbsp Ciabatta — 1 Garlic — 2 cloves Mayonnaise — 3 oz Ground paprika — to taste Kcal per 100 g — 330 Directions: Mix mayonnaise with chopped garlic and paprika Take the top crust off the ciabatta Spread some sauce on bottom part of ciabatta Layer salami, ham and mozarella Place basil leaves Cover with top of ciabatta and press sandwich Brush sandwich with oil and grill on both sides Place tomato slices on top Add some mozarella and grated parmesan Place sandwich in the hot oven to melt and brown cheese. Serve by cutting into four even pieces BA Recipes in Telegram -