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2 asian style burgers [BA Recipes]

If you're looking to spice up your burger routine, look no further. These crazy juicy Asian Burgers are bursting with flavor and they can be on your table in minutes! Ingredients: Cooked sushi rice — 6 oz Avocado — ¼ Lime juice — ⅓ Salt — to taste Salmon — 2 oz Tomato — 1 Nori — ¼ sheet Fresh salad, marinated ginger, hot sauce — to taste Kcal per 100 g — 123 Directions: Make “bun’s” parts out of warm rice Mix avocado, lime juice and salt until combined and spread the sauce on bottom part Layer all other ingredients Place top part of the “bun” Decorate with a piece of nori and serve Ramen burger Ingredients: Ramen noodles — 2,5 oz Egg — 1 Beef patty — 1 Salad, pickles, red onion - to taste Cheddar - 1 slice For sauce: Mayonnaise - ½ oz Mustard - ¼ oz BBQ sauce Kcal per 100 g — 227 Directions: Cook the noodles until half done Add egg and form 2 flat rounds Bring to room temperature Golden brown beef and noodle patties on both sides Mix all components for the sauce Assemble the burger BA Recipes in Telegram -