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В Исландию на Смарте. Большой выпуск.

You can find cheap flight tickets on Aviasales - This is the first out of four videos about Iceland. The second one is here: Geothermal energy and Icelandic police videos: Video editing, shooting, taxiing, scripting and the rest: ALL BY MYSELF. Music by: SLY: Dyalla: Joakim Karud: Subscribe to my channel My Instagram: Table of Contents: "2:59 - some of my first impressions" "5:14 - PRICES IN ICELAND (caps lock is appropriate here)" "6:37 - How I lost my camera for the second time" "12:14 - A bit of geothermal" "13:56 - Roads in Iceland" "18:21 - Camping" "19:29 - Test 1: how much time it will take for a city guy to build a tent" "24:08 - A town where "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" was filmed "25:45 - Reykjavik and the City Day" "31:00 - Hot River" "34:52 - VIK black beach "36:53 - Glacial Lagoon (watch out, it is breathtaking)" "41:15 - Test 2: how much time it will take for a city guy to build a tent if he has developed some skills" "42:37 My feedback for the country" #Iceland #Iceland