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Круиз на самых больших лайнерах в мире. Большой выпуск.

FAQ: Guys who organized my cruise T-shirt just like mine: Ship: Allure of the Seas Line: Royal Carribean Shooting, editing and the rest: All by myself MY TELEGRAM CHANNEL: Music: Guggenz: Blue Wednesday: David Cutter: Subscribe: Table of Contents: 0:30 - Check in and boarding the liner 2:13 - How does the cabin look like 3:50 - How Allure of the seas looks like 5:30 - The liner from the inside 9:21 - Park on the ship 10:52 - What and where to eat on the ship 13:54 - About Seasickness 15:18 - Evening shows 18:28 - Breakfast in the cabin 19:52 - Daytime entertainment 22:38 - The most important feature of the cruise 24:40 - How the biggest cruise liner works 28:12 - Thanks to staff 30:46 - Prices and my feedback #cruise #liner #caribbean