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Дубай. Экскурсия по богатой жизни. Большой выпуск.

🇺🇸Dubbed English version of this episode is here : My english channel: Music: Blue Wednesday: Guggenz: David Cutter: DJ Quads: Joakim Karud: Bonus Points: 2:20 - Dubai of today 4:04 - History of Dubai 6:21 - Everything that is THE MOST in Dubai 5:30 - Everything that is THE MOST soon to be launched in Dubai 9:38 - Most expensive cars 11:15 - Most expensive hotels 12:49 - Artificial island The Palm 13:50 - Luxury and Chic of Dubai. Private islands and villa on The World archipelago 16:43 - Underwater bedroom on a floating villa 19:17 - Villa on 'Sweden' island 23:19 - Burj Khalifa and sunset from its observation deck on 148th floor 27:11 - Dubai by night and The Fountain Show 29:43 - Best open air rooftop terrace 32:31 - Recreation in Dubai. Polo 35:00 - Lakes and sunset over the desert 37:00 - Tourism in Dubai. New construction projects ( Dubai Frame, Xline, Al Seef district, La Mer beach, Dubai Marina) 40:50 - My feedback. Why visit Dubai and what does the future hold for it?