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Япония, которая взрывает мозг. Большой выпуск.

Subscribe to channel : Music: Blue Wednesday: David Cutter: Asokah: Sibot: Mr.Goldenfold: Guggenz : Esbe : Annaland: OUSKA: Telegram : My instagram: Masha's instagram: Recording, editing and so on -- by myself Timecodes: 02:33 ААААh!!! or first minutes in Japan 03:47 Bloody/Cozy Tokio metro 06:15 The reason why I love Japan 08:40 Slot machines 10:18 Harajuku and Japan fasion 11:28 Animals. Dog's cafe 13:22 Why do Japanese work so long and what is Karoshi 15:00 SAKURA!!!!!! 21:37 How do Japanese apartment looks like 23:34 Unusual ramen 25:20 Akihabara. Owls and videogame shop 28:50 Fujiyama and the most famous view of japan 30:56 Music route 34:12 The Suicide forest 38:00 Kioto 40:47 Bamboo Grove 41:30 The most beautiful temple in Kioto 42:40 Ryokan. Traditional Japanese house 43:42 My feedback about Japan