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Чернобыль сегодня: туризм, радиация, люди. Большой выпуск.

Our new big episode is dedicated to Chernobyl. On one hand, it is a place of a vast tragedy, otherwise, it is a very popular tourist spot in Ukraine whilst also being its most visited. The popularity of Chernobyl is expected to continue its growth, thanks to the recently released Chernobyl HBO series. Nevertheless, there will be minimum of the HBO series, whilst we concentrate on Chernobyl of today. What is happening in the alienated area, tourism, radiation, current state of the town of Pripyati, the new Arch and the people. We will talk to guides, stalkers, tourists, then go on an excursion to the abandoned zone. I will show you archived videos from Fukuhima and Chernobyl, rare shots of the insides of the NPP block. We will talk Alexander Kupniy, a man who has been inside the ‘Sarcophagus’ many times. Moreover we will make some aerial shots of Pripyati, Slavutich, and afterwards, examine the new Arch from inside, whilst we investigate the reasons for its construction. Soundtrack by Onuka: ONUKA ONUKA Apple Music: Blue Wednesday: