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BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL 2018 . LISA DIDKOVSKY . BACK TO SCHOOL . BUYING KANCELARIJA . PURCHASE WITH ALIEXPRESS . BACK TO SCHOOL Subscribe to MY CHANNEL - Hi! On my channel began a long-awaited Back To School 2018 ! Yay! In this video I will show your purchases to the school, decorative tapes, erasers, lunchboxes and so on. In the past year and the year before in these videos I arranged a COMPETITION for gifts for you and this summer is no exception! Rather watch and participate in the contest :) DIY Room decor! room tour Room Tour ! Of course, Back To School. Life hacks + Expectation vs Reality, in Short - all this ( and not only), you will see on my channel! Before I shot the video in English, but then began Russian. Produce videos on different topics, but I love DIY — how to view and remove. Subscribe, you with me will be interesting! ;-) MY VIDEO TYPES of STUDENTS - SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES - WHAT's IN MY SCHOOL BACKPACK MY PURCHASES of stationery LUNCHES IN SCHOOL HAIRSTYLES TO SCHOOL CONDITIONS OF THE CONTEST! 1) subscribe to my channel and like for this video. 2) subscribe to my instagram @edidkovskaya 3)Put the school photo with the hashtag #LizSchool 4) Tell in the comments about ridiculous school situation! The results of the competition on 20 August on my instagram page! Time codes 0:00 Intro. 0:10 hi! I'm Lisa Didkovsky 0:13 On my channel will start the season video Back To School 2018! 0:18 will Show the buy office to the school and to the University. 0:28 My new pink pencil case 0:45 the Notebook to school 1:07 the Bright rainbow decorative tape 1:27 Pencils with palm trees and cacti 1:44 Notebooks with cacti 2:02 Folder cacti 2:06 Paperclip-bookmark with cacti 2:20 Unusual cute pens 2:32 Sharpener with a unicorn 2:42 Rainbow paper records 2:58 Pink handle 3:16 the Lunchboxes 3:32 of the Contest 3:39 What you can win in the contest 4:09 of the contest Terms 3:49 Videoprivate 4:31 see you soon! 4:39 Outro Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and put "thumbs up" this video! :) If you're reading this, write "I'm a STUDENT" :) VLOG channel - Instagram — Facebook — For commercial issues - (Ukraine) ( all countries)