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This BACK TO SCHOOL DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES 2018 ! Lisa Didkovskaya #LizSchool Subscribe to MY CHANNEL - Hi! Back To School 2018 on my channel in progress ! I know that you love school DIY and that's why today will show you how to make the office your own hands! Or rather : notebooks, pencils, and paperclips. I'm sure you'll like it! DIY Room decor! room tour Room Tour ! Of course, Back To School. Life hacks + Expectation vs Reality, in Short - all this ( and not only), you will see on my channel! Before I shot the video in English, but then began Russian. Produce videos on different topics, but I love DIY — how to view and remove. Subscribe, you with me will be interesting! ;-) MY VIDEO TYPES of STUDENTS - SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES - WHAT's IN MY SCHOOL BACKPACK MY PURCHASES of stationery LUNCHES IN SCHOOL HAIRSTYLES TO SCHOOL Time codes 0:00 Intro. 0:09 Hey! I'm Lisa Дидковская0:23 I will show you DIY the office with Your own Hands! 0:40 the Notebook with the unicorn, 1:39 Notebook ready! 0:53 How to make a notebook with your own hands 1:45 of the Clip with your hands for 5 минут1:59 How to make a simple bookmark with their руками2:10 Paperclip-bookmark ready 2:13 Tumblr notebook 2:25 How to make a cute notebook with your own hands 2:48 the Notebook ready 2:53 coloured pencils for школы3:05 How to decorate pencils 3:31 Pencils ready!3:35 Which DIY you liked the most. 3:49 Videoprivate 4:04 see you soon! 4:10 Outro Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and put "thumbs up" this video! :) If you're reading this, write "I'm a STUDENT" :) VLOG channel - Instagram — Facebook — The place where they filmed the video For commercial issues - (Ukraine) ( all countries)