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ЛАНЧИ В ШКОЛУ ЗА 5 МИНУТ ! Завтраки И Перекусы 2018 ! Back To School !

It's BACK TO SCHOOL Lunches IDEAS School 2018! Easy lunchbox snacks , foodhacks for back to school! Lisa Didkovskaya #LizSchool Subscribe to MY CHANNEL - Hi! This is the video again of the cool series Back To School 2018 ! I am sure all the students during their studies and want to eat so I got you a new video, which will show Lunches in 5 minutes! These are simple snacks that will help to survive in school! I rented this movie not alone but together with Anna Cambric, so be sure to tag us in instagram when you're cooking Breakfast :) DIY Room decor! room tour Room Tour ! Of course, Back To School. Life hacks + Expectation vs Reality, in Short - all this ( and not only), you will see on my channel! Before I shot the video in English, but then began Russian. Produce videos on different topics, but I love DIY — how to view and remove. Subscribe, you with me will be interesting! ;-) MY VIDEO TYPES of STUDENTS - SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES - WHAT's IN MY SCHOOL BACKPACK MY PURCHASES of stationery LUNCHES IN SCHOOL HAIRSTYLES TO SCHOOL Time codes 0:00 Intro. 0:12 Welcome. 0:18 Joined Anya PETRsh ! We will show a simple lancie to school. 0:37 What hairstyles will be in this video 0:49 of the First snack to school. 1:52 Second lunch to school. The idea of a lunchbox. 2:53 of the Third Breakfast that is easy to take with you. 3:50 Bad frames from the video. 4:15 What kind of lunch did you like the most? 4:27 Videoprivate 4:44 Outro Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and put "thumbs up" this video! :) If you're reading this, write "TASTY FOOD MMM" :) VLOG channel - Instagram — Facebook — Anna Petrash - For commercial issues - (Ukraine) ( all countries)