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ТИПЫ Людей В ШКОЛЕ ! ТЫ Узнаешь СЕБЯ ! Типы Девушек . Типы Одноклассников !

SCHOOL...Often PEOPLE are DIVIDED INTO 2 types , TYPES of People AT SCHOOL ! Types Of Girls . Types Of Classmates and I'm LISA DIDKOVSKAYA ! Subscribe to MY CHANNEL - Hi! Season back To School is over, I'm sure that on return to school, you notice different Types of Students that are in each class! In this video you will see different Types of Students ( and even the Types of People at University). So, enjoy! DIY Room decor! room tour Room Tour ! Of course, Back To School. Life hacks + Expectation vs Reality, in Short - all this ( and not only), you will see on my channel! Before I shot the video in English, but then began Russian. Produce videos on different topics, but I love DIY — how to view and remove. Subscribe, you with me will be interesting! ;-) MY VIDEO TYPES of STUDENTS - SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL DIY SCHOOL SUPPLIES - WHAT's IN MY SCHOOL BACKPACK MY PURCHASES of stationery LUNCHES IN SCHOOL HAIRSTYLES TO SCHOOL Time codes 0:00 Intro 0:07 the Greeting. Today I will show the Types of People at School! 0:44 the First type of students. People who like to talk to teachers. 1:31 the Second type of students. Who are not preparing for the test - writes better than those who are prepared. 2:12 the Third type of students. Students who do not go to physical education. 2:39 the Fourth type of students. Irritated. 3:16 the Fifth type of students. Fashionista. 3:46 Failed frames 4:02 what type of person YOU are? 4:09 Videoprivate 4:25 Outro Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and put "thumbs up" this video! :) If you're reading this, write "YOU LEFT the SCHOOL?" VLOG channel - Instagram — Facebook — Anna Petrash - Sophie Michelle - The school in which they filmed the movie - For commercial issues - (Ukraine) ( all countries)