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КРУЖКИ HELLO KITTY ДЛЯ КУКОЛ 🌟 ГОДНО Али СТРЕМНО? #3: проверка товаров с AliExpress (Алиэкспресс)

In this video, I will check goods for dolls from AliExpress: are they good or bad? 🌟Send links of products in the comments, and I will check them in one of the following videos Goods from the video: 00:19 - chairs 03:42 - pink dress 06:21 - home theater 08:14 - Sneakers Converse (I was wrong! Kedes are not defective! The Converse symbol must be on the inside: jpeg) 10:29 - sofa (from the video) 12:09 - sofa (cheap) 12:16 - bicycle 14:00 - mugs Hello Kitty 15:01 - fake Blythe VK Group: I'm in VK: Instagram: _____________________________________________ Advertising and cooperation: