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ПОСЫЛКА из США + МЕГА КОНКУРС! Розыгрыш, giveaway / Unboxing куклы / Blythe, Barbie / Посылки

The results of the contest are here: NEW GIVEAWAY NON STOP: In this video, I will give you 9 collectible New Year Barbie dolls! The grandiose GIVEAWAY starts! YOUTUBE Prizes: 3 Holiday Barbie dolls 2016 The terms of participation: 1. Subscribe to channels and 2. Add this video to this video 3. Leave a comment on this video VK Prizes: 4 Barbie dolls from the 90s The terms of participation: 1. Subscribe to the group 2. Put the comment, leave a comment and make a repost of the post: Instagram: Prizes: 2 Holiday Barbie dolls 2017 Conditions for participation in a competitive photo: Results will appear in the first line in the description of this video on March 1. The competition is international, that is, residents of all countries can participate. Good luck to you!) I order the parcels through Instruction Second channel: My dolls list: VK Group: I'm in VK: Instagram: _____________________________________________ Advertising and cooperation: