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ДОРОГО/ДЕШЕВО: трусики ДЛЯ КУКОЛ🌟ГОДНО Али СТРЕМНО? #24: проверка товаров с AliExpress 2018|Покупки

Figerlings in shop "": Giveaway in Instagram: To take part in Youtube Giveaway: 1) Like this video, 2) Subscribe to channels and , 3) Write the comment with hashtag #хочувыигратьобезьянку Prizes: 2 interactive monkeys Fingerlings and a sloth To take part in Instagram Giveaway: Prizes: interactive monkey Fingerlings and a unicorn. Goods from the issue (goods from AliExpress): 02:47 - Bag LV 03:58 - Boots for Ken 04:50 - Ice cream Hello Kitty 05:41 - Machine with candy 06:39 - Underpants 07:30 - Cheap underwear Expensive underwear 5 swimwears 09:58 - Cafe "Scaris" Monster High In this video I will check doll goods from AliExpress: are they cool or sucks? And also i will compare doll`s underwear in style "Expensive/Cheap". 🌟You can send a link on goods in comment and I will check they in next video. 🌟You can also publish your photos with goods from the video in Instagram with hashtag #CoolorSucks and I will like them. My Instagram: Competition: List of my dolls: Group in VK: I'm in VK: _____________________________________________ Advertising and cooperation: