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КОНФЕТА ДЛЯ КУКОЛ🌟! ГОДНО Али СТРЕМНО? #26: проверка товаров с AliExpress | Покупки Haul

Tickets to Kidburg: In this video, I will check goods for dolls from AliExpress: are they cool or sucks? 🌟Send links to products in the comments below, and I will check them in one of the following issues. 🌟Place photos of goods from issues in Instagram with a hashtag #CoolorSucks, and I'll like them. Goods from the issue: Orange Swimsuit Swimming circle Diving equipment Fan Hot dogs Pitcher Tree Bottle with cork Lollies (candy, lollipop) My instagram: Competition: My dolls list: VK Group: I'm in VK: Instagram 2: _____________________________________________ Advertising and cooperation: