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Training of dogs and puppies from scratch! As Yumi canine puppy praying to God))) If you do not subscribe ka radish - Life Channel Ani - I Vkontakte - Instagram - Group Bk - Cooperation - Address for parcels: 249930, Kaluga region, Mosalsk, Lenin, 49, a / I 238. Training of dogs and puppies: Life hacking training from Ani - Examples of commands from Chihuahua, Sophie - Rules on training chihuahua Sophie - How to learn to distinguish toys from Sophie - ALL PRO Training and education - MORE Playlist: Dog's Life - All about my puppy UMI -https: // DIY and life hacking - VACATION his grandmother - Caring for puppies and dogs - The Secret Life of Pets 4 - The Secret Life of Pets 3 - The Secret Life of Pets 2 - The Secret Life of Pets 1 - Hi! You're on the Magic Family channel! My name is Anna and I have four chihuahua dog, and even in our magical family there are different breeds of dogs, cats, parrots, ponies horse, donkey and other pets! In this video I tell you how I teach your puppy PRAY! dog training