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Subscribe to Magic Family - and Magic Pets - My channel Anny Magic - - mysterious story continues ▼ ▼ MORE PRESS Hi! You're on the Magic Family channel! I Anny Magic and I have a dog # Sophia, Ava, Misha puppy Yumi Chew # breed Chihuahuas, and other domestic animals and pets! On my channel you will find not only tips for dog owners, life hacking, experimenting, DIY, what will happen if, interesting facts, training and care, but also various entertainment video with my dogs and animals! WE ARE IN SOCIAL NETWORKS: My personal page VC: BK Group of pets Magic Family: Instagram Magic Family: Channel Dog Magic Pets: My channel Anny Magic: Public VC Anny Magic: I'm Instagram: I Twitter: I Facebook: Cooperation - WANT TO SEND SOMETHING MAGIC FAMILY, here's the address for the parcel: 249930, Kaluga region, Mosalsk, Lenin, 49, a / I 238, for Anny Magic. In this video PUPPY in shock from the storm! DOG in the truck and one on a walk! REACTION PUPPY Magic Family - - my puppy Yumi Chu today half a year and I decided to see how it would be to walk alone, without the dogs, it was her first trip away from home with me. We left and started a violent thunderstorm, I did not wet the camera, we waited out the storm, but the puppy Yumi very scared and for a long time, I was in shock. I, too, was afraid for her. When the weather improved, we went to the playground to play and engage in, and after the supermarket to ride in the cart Yumi - Will I be allowed into the store with the dog? I bought the liver for dog Oreo as Yumi brought us home and the dogs greeted her - all in the Volga! Coolest playlists: Dog's Life - UMI PUPPY IN THE HOUSE -https: // DIY and life hacking - VACATION his grandmother - CARE dogs and puppies - Training and education - Shopping from a pet store - On forget to subscribe to the Magic Family Channel - There was Anny Magic. See you in the new movie!