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Как отучить собаку кусаться. Как отучить кусаться щенка. Щенок кусает ноги и руки. | Elli Di

How to wean a dog bite. Hello, this is Ellidi and today I'll tell you how to wean your dog bite. Immediately proceed. It is better to prevent than cure. If you have a puppy, do not miss the situation out of control, to educate the dog since puppyhood. As soon as the incident occurred the first so that the dog does not accidentally or inadvertently biting your fingers - Resolve at once, do not pull. Show your displeasure dog, tell the word that you're always going to say now, if the dog will bite or will attempt to do so. We have chosen for themselves the word "kusuchka." Gina as well as all the other dogs as a child tried fingers taste because the puppy does not understand what is possible and what is impossible. If your dog bit you, you tell the word angry voice. I always say this word in the future. Show your dog that you can chew and bite, but not the fingers. For this is a dog toy. If the dog has bitten you in the game, do not let it continue to chew on your fingers, just let her toy! Show the dog how to play, stick a toy in her fall, she let her pogryzet. At this time, praise the dog and even fertilize snacks. Your task - to firmly link the concept of bite and a toy. Biting can only toy. If the dog has bitten you, you stop to chat with her for a while. Immediately get up and walk away to another room, closing the door behind him. Do not approach a dog for some time, some dogs it works perfectly! Handles feed. Do not skimp on sweets. Nothing motivates like this dog as a treat. Buy special snacks that are suitable to your dog. To train a dog more often, let the dog will remember that with your hands, it gets sweets, and their bite is not necessary. Make sure that your dog does not bite anyone following this. Your task is not just to wean the dog to bite the hand, but also to wean biting in general. If a dog bites you at a time when she eats, and the dog agressivnichaet and protects food, feed your dog only with the hands. First, put the food in a bowl and feed from the bowl, which will be in your hands. How to wean your dog biting and how to wean the puppy to bite - it's just follow the rules in the video. Dog bites - what to do? Puppy bites - how to wean? Dog training - the key to your success, taming to like you and your dog. Dogs and puppies bite not just ... puppy biting legs? Watch the wall.