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Как уговорить родителей купить собаку. Как уговорить родителей завести собаку. Как купить собаку?

How to persuade their parents to buy a dog? Hi! It Ellidi today video specially for you, if you have long dreamed of a dog, but my parents did not agree. To start a first time talk to your parents about it. Choose the time and talk. Be careful, my friend, to remember all the things that you would say the parents, all their arguments. You can even secretly recorded on tape. Then take a piece of paper, a pen and write out all the arguments that say to you parents. In one column. Carefully think over every argument and write out the front of the counter arguments. Think what would your parents would like to hear more, and on this basis making counter arguments. Then, after some time to talk with my parents for the second time and tell me everything that you have written. Do not say that you carefully analyze the previous discussion with parents, simply laid out what you had written in kontraagumentah. During conversations with parents about the dogs do not hysteria, do not be offended, do not revite, and do not be angry. Be calm and restraint. And even if the parents say no again simply reply "Think, please, again. You may change your mind "and go away quietly. It is better to do homework or read a book. Here are some useful and effective arguments: 1. Tell me, so that you will spend more time with his family. This argument would have the parents to their liking. After all, what parent does not like a child sitting at home and doing something rather than hanging around do not understand where or sticks out from a computer monitor ?! So it rests on the fact that the dog - this is exactly what you need in order to spend more time at home and as a result, with their parents. 2. Say how you will spend more time on the street. Yes, that they also might like, especially if you - a homebody, Owl and the computer is not waste and the parents just repeat to you something like: "Go out into the street, probzd ... take a walk!". If so, build on the argument that it is necessary to walk the dog, that you prefer and as a result ... 3. Tell the dog will help you to break away from the computer and that is called a dip in childhood and funny children's games for a couple with hairy four-legged friend. How to persuade their parents to buy a dog - see in this video. To get a dog you have to try. To say simply want a dog, we must also understand why parents are not allowed to buy a dog. Ellie Dee I'll help you!