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Как дрессировать собаку правильно - да и нет в дрессировке. Elli Di дрессировка собак тренировка.

Hi everyone! It's Elli Di and today I will tell you how to train the dog properly, and how you shouldn't train him. Proper and improper things in training. Yes and No. 1. Yes. Use the reward, for example, treats when you train the dog. Thus the dog will have satisfaction from training. No. Don't use enforcement and punishment. The dog will not get satisfaction from training and will avoid it. 2. Yes. Use comfortable, not causing pain equipment, this way the dog will feel relaxed and calm. No. Don't use aggressive equipment like choke collars. Such uncomfortable equipment causes pain and frightens the dog. 3. Yes. Train the dog for valuable resources: food, game, praise. The dog will strive to gain them. No, Don't use methods of pressure, which can frighten the dog and make dog react to you aggressively. 4. Yes. Make mutually beneficial relations, based on respect, communication and trust, so the both participants of the process will get satisfaction from each other. No. Don't use methods and equipment which are not comfortable for the dog and will cause pain or frighten your dog. Positive trainings will bring you both more satisfaction.