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ПУТЕШЕСТВИЕ ШТОРМ ИТАЛИЯ | Отдых на яхте #2 | Elli Di VLOG

Adventures on the yacht continues! I remind you that I publish a video of our trip on a yacht because I really like it! I love to travel and yachting so for me - one of the most favorite hobbies. But the boat - is not only a holiday, it is also a danger. So, in this story, you will see how we caught a storm and I developed seasickness. In fact, this is the only occasion when I was on the boat and at the same time feel motion sickness. Adriatic Sea and the Adriatic Sea, as such, just do a calm sea, but sometimes there are storms. Thus, the course of our catamaran Helia44 - Italy, Brindisi Marina. Traveling by boat is available for all, because there is such a thing as a yacht charter. You can take a boat rental for a week or two and give yourself an adventure and cruise to remember for a long time.