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Дрессировка собаки перед едой, пятиминутная дрессировка собаки с Elli Di.

How to train a dog before feeding? See how the training of dogs before eating. Videos on the channel every day? Write in the comments if you like it! Hello! It Elli Di and I am happy to show you how we pass daily, ordinary training the dogs before eating. in fact, to train a dog or puppy to train the best when she's hungry, so do not waste your opportunities - training dogs before eating-it is what you need! I recall my dog ​​- Jack Russell terrier Gina. On my channel, in addition to this video, you'll learn how the dog training, how to raise a dog, how is training a puppy, how the education of the puppy and so on, and of course, how to teach a dog team! Thank you for like!