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Дрессировка собак в домашних условиях на примере джек рассел терьер.

Dog training. №1 channel of dogs to YouTube! You are not signed yet? Subscribe to Channel o_0 NOW! You will get a dog training at home on the example of one of the most active breeds Jack Russell Terrier, as well as fun with dogs and everything about the breed Jack Russell Terrier! You will learn how to teach your dog to be the most obedient of the world! Do not miss the video about why it is important training a puppy, how the first day and night of a puppy in the house is to wean the dog to bite - it's not all that you will know if you are subscribing! And if you have a dog yet, then you will help my video how to persuade their parents to buy a dog! Ready for a puppy? Find out what breed of dog will suit you and how to buy a dog! Teaching a dog to Elli Di! Ask questions in the comments, I will certainly answer. In our social networks to answer questions professional dog handlers and veterinarians! Join us!