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ЛАЙФХАКИ от Элли Ди | Лакомства для собак, Вкусняшки для дрессировки | Elli Di Собаки

Treats for dogs in training are important! Prepare snacks for dogs with Elli Di ▼ Я в соц сетях ▼ П О Д П И С А Т Ь С Я на канал: Я в Periscope: Группа ВК: Паблик ВК: Моя страница ВК: Мой Instagram: Let's talk about such an important thing as treats for dogs. Snacks for dogs - it is not fun and whimsy to pamper your dog, it's a necessary thing in dog training. Therefore advice Ellie Dee Elli Di will be useful to you! All dogs love sweets, so in principle they are easy to pick up, most importantly, be careful to treat dogs do not cause allergies. Do not forget that there are accessories for the training that will make training with the dog very comfortable. For example, I really like the bag for training. Tips handler can help.