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Приколы c собаками. Говорящая собака, собака разговаривает и просит. Elli Di.

Look fun with the dogs on the channel Elli Di! Dog Gina talks and requests! My talking dog. And it is fun with the dogs on the channel Elli Di! I love this column, because the dogs - the most ridiculous creature in the world! Every day, my dog ​​breed Jack Russell terrier Gina is soaked !! In this video you will see what the dog is talking. Let them in their language, but also trying! DPT - very talkative breed in my opinion. Jack ruussel - it is primarily terrier, ie Terrier. And all terriers quite sociable. So, before you talking dog Gina, and you will see how the dog gets her and asks, the artist was. Thank you for Like and subscribe! Woof!