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I OVERSLEPT ! I wore a jacket inside out - this is my morning! LIFE ON CHANNEL NEW VIDEO: ▼ I'm in social networks ▼ ▼ PRESS STILL TOP10 Playlists ▼ - Subscribe to Elli Di Pets! Hello, my name is Elli Di and I have a dog # Gina breed Jack Russell terrier on my channel you will find videos useful for dog owners, as well as entertaining commercials featuring my dog ​​Gina and other dogs! See my popular playlist below! Put fingers up this video and adds it to the playlist itself, and if you really like it - be sure to share it roll in their social networks. WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? HERE IS THE ADDRESS: 141863 Moscow region, Ermolino OPS-1, P / 1090. Recipient "on demand", because this is a post office box, so do not worry, / I even safer than usual. ▼ I ▼ in social networks My Life Channel Elli Di: BK Group about our pets: My personal page VC: Public VC Elli Di: Instagram about our pets: My Instagram: Game Channel Elli Di: Collaboration: Link to this video: ▼ Description ▼ roller This is not just my morning. Now, I slept all the world and forced to race at all stages! And in conclusion, I put on a jacket inside out - the class! Who has not had enough sleep, that's me! ▼ Playlists ▼ TOP10 excellent video, watch it! 1. Tops and interesting facts: 2. Purchases from the pet store: 3. Caring for a dog: 4. Music 30 sec: 5. Traveling with a dog: 6. Dog Health: 7. Dog Gina sings: 8. Training of dogs: 9. The decision of the dog problems: 10. Hotel for Dogs: ▼ Do you want your pet has been in the new video? ▼ Do not forget to send videos of their pets! Pour them on Yandex Disk and a link send me an email Subscribe to the channel "Elli Di Pets": See you in the new video Elli Di =)