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50 ФАКТОВ ОБО МНЕ Показала ЛИЦО ПАРНЯ ЛИЧНАЯ ЖИЗНЬ и парень Элли Ди | Elli Di

My Instagram: - Stories about personal Elli Di Pets: channel about Pets with Gina! ▼Social networks ▼ PUSH MORE ▼ Share it with your friends! ▼ Elli Di Subscribe! Hello, my name is Ellie Dee and this is my life channel! Here I publish everything: pranks, challenges, experiments, shopping, vlogs, and my whole life. ▼Social networks ▼ YouTube channel Elli Di Pets: My Instagram: My personal page VK: Public VK Ellie Di: VK group about our Pets: Instagram about our Pets: I'm in Periscope: I'm in Twitter: I'm in Facebook: Youtube gaming channel Elli Di: I Schoolmates: Cooperation: Link to this video: ▼Detailed description ▼ In this video I will tell you facts about yourself, your personal life, answer questions about the popularity and also show the person your boyfriend: the rare photo that was just me. And Yes, folks, even though we are married, but the wedding we had. Maybe there will be? Remember, friends, if you somewhere saw the information about me (or heard) this may not be true, because bloggers chipout on my name and comments, lie or embellish. And anyway, they can't know every detail of my life and greatly mistaken! They not only violate my copyright, but also the law, and sooner or later this may result in them troubles. Do not take example from them and not see them! Here send photos from the video: WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? HERE'S THE ADDRESS: 141863, Moscow region, OPS caught the first, a/I 1090. Recipient Of "Ally Di" ▼The music in the video ▼ The song "Fluffing a Duck" owned by Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( Original version: Artist: The song "Hidden Agenda" owned by Kevin MacLeod. License: Creative Commons Attribution ( Original version: Artist: ▼My video about the animals ▼ a great video, watch it! 1. Tops and interesting facts: 2. Buying from a pet store: 3. Caring for a dog: 4. Music 30 sec: 5. Travel with a dog: 6. Dogs health: 7. Gene's dog sings 8. Dog training: 9. The solution to the problems of dog: 10. Hotel for dogs: Subscribe to the channel Elli Di Pets: And on this channel "Elli Di" Follow: I'll see you in new videos with Elli Di