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My Instagram: - here i make live broadcasts! Elli Di Pets: - channel about my petDJ8NA ▼ I'm in social networks▼ PRESS FOR MORE ▼ Share with your friends! ▼ Elli Di Subscribe! Hello, my name is Elli Di and this is my Life Channel! Here I publish everything: Prank, Challenge, experiments, shopping, vlogs, and my whole life. ▼ I`m in social networks▼ YouTube channel Elli Di Pets: My Instagram: My personal page VK: Public VK Elli Di: VK Group about our pets: Instagram about our pets: I am in the Periscope: I Twitter: I Facebook: Youtube gaming channel Elli Di: I am Odnoklassniki: Collaboration: Link to this video: DETAILED DESCRIPTION ▼ ▼ Most viewers in the video of the new room from the film voted for a new home from the stretch wrap! After all, the construction itself is interesting, and as a future home will be changed! Be sure to write your wishes in the comments below the video: especially the idea! If I choose your idea, be sure to tell you about it in the video, which will use it! And yes, do not try to incite me to invoke the spirits. I know that a lot of interesting, but personally I find it interesting to build and decorate the house ... Support video Like! And let summer be delayed for another month! WANT TO SEND ME SOMETHING? HERE IS THE ADDRESS: 141863 Moscow region, OPS Ermolino First, P / 1090. Recipient "Elli Di" ▼ My videos about my pets ▼ excellent videos, watch it! 1. Tops and interesting facts: 2. Purchases from the pet store: 3. Caring for a dog: 4. Music 30 sec: 5. Traveling with a dog: 6. Dog Health: 7. Dog DJINA sings: 8. Training of dogs: 9. The decision of the dog problems: 10. Hotel for Dogs: Subscribe to the channel Elli Di Pets: And on this channel "Elli Di" Subscribe: See you in the new video from Elli Di