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Почему Мохав, а не КРУЗАК? Кореец, который может. KIA Mohave 2018 тест драйв и обзор

KIA Mohan passed in the wake of Kruzak! But something still upset? What is wrong with KIA Mohave? 100 certificates for 5,000 rubles from Uremont- leave a request for repairs on cars link and get 5000 rubles renovated back! Aggregator New Auto - What's wrong with Toyota PRADO So whether Kruzak good? Why Kruzak instead Tahoe? Author and presenter Michael Kuldyaev Presenter Alexander Azanov Mounting Vladimir Dobrov For advertising and cooperation Come to a second channel Click on Life WANT to test drive, review the owner or just car comparisons, write here: ALSO I WILL BE GLAD YOU: INSTAGRAMCHIK: - maximum operational information that is currently on the set, and where we travel, get stuck or drift) VC: - surveys activity Twitter: if you just need the warning that came a new video Facebook: - most business guys come to us on Facebook and watch video output there OK: - here everything is clear Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!