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X Trail против Tucson! ЧТО ТВОРЯТ РОБОТ и ВАРИАТОР вне дорог?

Imagine: you bought a CROSSOVER not for beauty! Will Korea or Japan save your life in difficult conditions? Offroad Test Drive Hyundai Tucson vs Nissan X Trail 2019! 30% discount on chip tuning. For advertising and cooperation Author and presenter Mikhail Kuldyayev Presenter Alexander Azanov Installation Vladimir Dobrov Video operator Alexander Sudarikov SECOND CHANNEL Click on Life You can OFFER YOUR AUTO here: ALSO WILL BE HAPPY YOU: INSTAGRAM: - the most timely photos about what is currently on the set, where we travel, get stuck or drift) Telegram: - all information at once and in one place! VK: - polls, activity, news Twitter: if you just need alerts that a new video has been released Facebook: - the most business guys come to us on Facebook and watch the video out there OK: - everything is clear Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and ARTLIST