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Вас заденет эта тема

Every day it is important to remember about people and children who, by the will of fate, were deprived of things that seem simple and natural. Any day they can give the most necessary, the most important things including their own time, love and care, which sometimes people, who seemingly have everything, need . On the eve of the first day, together with the project team, we visited two orphanages in the Moscow suburbs, where they met with children and not only handed over the necessary equipment and medicines to them, but also spent time with them, communicating and getting acquainted with each other. The life story of each child touches the depths of the soul, persistence impresses, kindness and talents inspire. A relaxed and warm atmosphere reigned in the premonition of the holiday in a large family of orphanages, where we were welcome guests. I am very grateful for such a reception, full of warmth and light. жить.рф ✿MY SOCIAL MEDIA✿: ------------------------- ♥TWITTER: ♥INSTAGRАМ: ♥VK COMMUNITY: ♥VK: ♥ @RoZmro ♥О: Thanks for watching my video and subscribe to my channel ♥