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Реакция Шлеменко на поражение / Драка Запашного и Смолякова предотвращена охраной Fedor vs Sonnen

Alexander Lyutikov reports from New York, where there was almost a fight between Shlemenko and Tokov's friends, and the head of Bellator expressed a view on ACB and Alexander Emelianenko 00:19 Shlemenko's team talk to Scott Coker 01:15 Tokov wanted to come for a training with Shlemenko 02:54 Shlemenko was dissatisfied after the fight: does he have claims to Tokov 03:47 Shlemenko is going to leave Bellator and middle-weight 04:58 Fedor: "It's not important how do Russian fighters attitude to me. My attitude to them is more important for me" 05:38 The head of Bellator doesn't know if ACB is still alive 06:21 Scott Coker about Alexander Emelianenko's troubles 06:37 Smolyakov and Zapashny almost got into a fight after Shlemenko-Tokov fight. Video 08:37 A sudden second of Emelianenko 08:50 "Fedor is not even on the level of Sports Master Candidate" 09:06 What has Fedor's friend been doing during the fight