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Full article There is a world Cup, football publications have filled all, even unsportsmanlike, publications, and here under the football noise in Russia adopted a number of anti-human bills From them: Raising the retirement age, increasing VAT to 20%, is Expected to increase tariffs for CTP. Here we can safely add the recent sharp increase in gasoline prices. And despite the fact that during the championship any rallies and protests are prohibited. Good? You may ask why this is happening and what is the connection with football and sports in General? In this video I will show you one of the reasons for the increase in the exploitation of the population in Russia. In just 10 minutes, I will reveal one simple, frightening seditious truth: Yeah, yeah, you heard right. If your brain reacts to this thought with a flash of anger, then we recommend turning off this video. Those who are able to control themselves and who are still able to analyze new information, we recommend to watch the video to the end. In my opinion, these are people who do not produce any intellectual, cultural or physical product. Nor even the services-traders who bring cheap goods from China and then push them through the Internet at exorbitant prices, and then create a service (in this case — the delivery of goods to your doorstep), while athletes do nothing. They're just training. Year after year. Month after month. A million for a million taxpayers ' money. Who gave them the right to be the personification of the country? We should all be proud of them, because nothing is more proud than pumped chemistry genetic mutant, or a Negro who scored a goal the same pumped chemistry Negro, bought another country in his team. No, understand correctly, Amateur sports and physical education — it is remarkable. Mainly because Amateur sports are involved, that's right, fans. People who have other than kicking the ball there are still some things in life. Played football with friends, went on to build a nuclear reactor or there to treat children, what matters. It's great, it's right, this sport is needed. But when a person has GENERAL, the WHOLE LIFE consists of skating a race - what's that? To whom, what and why does he prove?) This person is not quite adequate. Moreover, all of us are not quite adequate, because this man runs around the site with our money. Well, unless you're a billionaire and a business Empire owner who can afford to buy an entire football team. In this case, the decision is made personally by you, how to spend your money. But if we talk in General - it is the money of ordinary people, as the clubs are financed from the budget. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at a meeting of the profile Committee on the formation of the country's budget for 2017-2019, said that there are a number of subsidized regions, which were accused of non-core expenditures: "There are a number of entities that receive additional grants and produce non - core costs-for example, Finance football clubs. Especially those regions that are on deep-deep subsidization. Even some donor regions cannot afford such expenses." You'll object-the clubs also have sponsors-but it's a very slippery track. First, in most commercial sponsors-these are the same state corporations, which redistribute again the state money. And secondly, business will never do what is not profitable for it. You can also sponsor the event, and then the authorities will help you, for example, to raise more money from the population. In the Amur region a few years ago, the former Governor Korotkov was accused of abuse of power after the financing scheme of the football club "Amur" was opened due to the increased energy tariff for consumers. And such cases are not the exception but the rule. So much for sponsors. Referring to trade secrets, only a few clubs publish financial reports on which it is possible to judge how much money there rotates. The estimated annual budget of all football teams, private and public, speakers in the Russian Premier League, is more than $1 billion. Only three such budgets would allow, for example, to build the Crimean bridge, which we are all so proud of. Yes, partly football or hockey can be called a huge business to entertain the crowd, such as"Home-2". Where the goal is not to build your love or home, and remove as many high-rated episodes of scandals and intrigues. Similarly, hockey players and football task is not to win, and to produce a beautiful show with a beautiful fight, fights, drama. Full article __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website # kramola #CHM2018 #football #sport