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Everyone knows that Dmitry Mendeleev discovered the periodic table of chemical elements. However, in foreign versions of the table, unlike ours, his name is never mentioned. Even among the Russian-speaking population is very popular opinion that Mendeleev " invented vodka fortress of 40 degrees." But Mendeleev's thesis, devoted to the properties of mixtures of alcohol and water, generally speaking does not emit 40°. But now not about this. Very few people know the main secret of the main discovery of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. By the end of this 10-minute review you will know all about the falsification of the main chemical table of all time. So, in January 1904 "Petersburg leaf" № 5 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev published an interview with him. On the question of what scientific research he is busy at the present time, the scientist replied, "They are directed exclusively to the confirmation exhibited by me in the past year, a theory, or rather the attempt of chemical understanding of the world of the ether." What is this theory we know so little about? D. I. Mendeleev finished his article " Attempt of chemical understanding of the world ether "in October 1902 and published it in January 1903 in the journal"Bulletin and library of self-education". In may 1904, in a letter to the famous astronomer Simon Newcomb, he said that in the near future he was going to write an article " about modern ideas about the complexity of chemical elements and electrons…» About the complexity of chemical elements and electrons — it is clear to the modern reader, but the world air? Now even schoolchildren know that this idea is rejected by science because of its complete backwardness. Therefore, probably, one of the last works of Mendeleev is very rarely commented, almost never mentioned, and it is difficult to find. In many scientific and educational libraries in the multivolume "the Writings" D. I. Mendeleyev is missing volume 2, which is the head of "an Attempt of chemical understanding of the world of the ether." It seems that somehow deliberately removes this work from the heritage of the scientist. But this theory Mendeleev nurtured almost all his creative life. ...The more I had to think about the nature of chemical elements, the more I deviated both from the classical concept of primary matter and from the hope of achieving the desired understanding of the nature of elements by studying electrical and light phenomena, and each time more strongly and clearly realized that before this or that at first should get more real than now, the idea of "mass" and "ether". D. I. Mendeleev Two years after the opening of the periodic table (Mendeleev was not 40 years old), his hand on the print of the "Fundamentals of chemistry" near the symbol of hydrogen made an inscription that can be deciphered as: "The easiest ether, millions of times." Apparently, the "ether" seemed to Mendeleev the easiest chemical element. "Since the 70s I have had the question: what is the ether in the chemical sense? It is closely connected with the periodic system of elements, and it excited me, but now I dare to talk about it." In the classical definition of the emphasis on uniformity or continuity. But the ether, about which Mendeleev speaks, on the contrary, consists of elements, it is heterogeneous, has a structure.