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Materials on the topic: Practice shows that in memoirs it is rather difficult to find the real characteristic given to the opponent. In this regard, the book of major-General of tank troops of the Wehrmacht F. Mellentine, who took part in the Stalingrad and Kursk battles, is the exception. In it, one of the few, given an objective and complete description of the soldiers of the red Army. The psychology of the Russian soldier We can almost say with certainty that no cultural resident of the West will ever understand the nature and soul of Russian. Knowledge of the Russian character might be the key to understanding the fighting qualities of the Russian soldier, its advantages and its methods of struggle on the battlefield. Vitality and soul of the fighter has always been a priority factor in war and often in their value was more important than the size and armament of the troops. This long-known provision was also true for the second world war; I think it will continue to be valid in the future. You can never say in advance what will take Russian: as a rule, he rushes from one extreme to another. His nature is as unusual and complex as this huge and incomprehensible country itself. Russians are very inconsistent: today they do not show any concern about ensuring their flanks, and tomorrow the thought that their flanks are in danger leads them to horror. Russian remains a good soldier everywhere and in any conditions. In the age of atomic weapons, all this can be very important. One of the main advantages of Russia will be its ability to withstand huge destruction and bloody battles, as well as the ability to present unusually heavy demands on the population and the army. The problem of providing troops with food for the Russian command is of secondary importance, since the Russians do not actually need a centralized army supply. Field kitchen, almost a Shrine in the eyes of soldiers of other armies, for the Russian is just a pleasant surprise, and they all day and weeks can do without it. The Russian soldier is quite satisfied with a handful of millet or rice, adding to them what nature gives him. This proximity to nature explains the ability of the Russian to become part of the earth, literally dissolve in it. In the red Army, the rear does not have to worry about providing military units with uniforms, tents, blankets and other items that are so necessary for the soldiers of the armies of the West. During the offensive, they can afford to forget about the supply of troops, even food, because the troops are "bottom feeders". The main task of the supply parts is to deliver fuel and ammunition, but even in this case for the supply of often used combat vehicles. In the Russian motorized division, the soldier has no other "baggage", in addition, which he has with him, and he manages to move around in cars, perched on boxes of ammunition or barrels of fuel. This lack of vehicles leads to important tactical and psychological consequences. Since the number of vehicles in the motorized division of the Russian is much less than in the same compounds of the Western armies, the Russian division is more mobile. This division is easier to manage, it is easier to mask and transport by rail. The psychological side of the case is also of interest. Any soldier of the armies of the West. one way or another connected with the rear services. They provide him with a livelihood and some comfort than brighten up his hard life. When part of the "good spanking", the surviving soldiers are usually collected from field kitchens or in the train where they try to find refuge and consolation. Quite another situation in the Russian army. The Russian soldier, except for weapons, nothing, and rear it does not attract. There are no camp kitchens, no clothing carts. The soldier of the Russian army is an unsurpassed master of disguise and self-digging, as well as field fortification. He buries himself in the ground with incredible speed and so skillfully adapts to the terrain that it is almost impossible to detect. Russian soldiers, skillfully entrenched and well-disguised, firmly holding on to "mother earth" and, therefore, doubly dangerous as the enemy. Often, even a long and careful observation is unsuccessful-the position of the Russian can not be found. Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised, even if it is known that the area is free from the enemy. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website #sedition