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Material on the subject: Capitalism as the ideology of murder If you block the path of running water, it will begin to look for a new channel. People say about this: "water will find a hole." The blocked flow of the river can find a new channel, or break into many branches, or rise to the level of the dam (which is used in the construction of hydroelectric power plants). It is important to understand this: water, in principle, can go up if it is forced. But it won't go up on its own. Initially, it is inherent property to run down. And because the river itself provides a channel "from top to bottom" and chooses the most convenient places – which means the lowest… Human civilization about 5 thousand years of history (we can not guarantee for more) was built around one very important for it, a fundamental principle. It appeared ABSENT IN the WILD the concept of murder and theft, as a crime, not just domestic act. In the commandments of the Bible it sounded like " do not kill, do not steal!", and in the commandments of Hippocrates-as " do no harm!" That is, was held mentally feature, the line before which a person is not a criminal, but crossing (transgressing) the line becomes a criminal. Will say: the author, Ah that you chew this gum? And so it is clear that a cultured person considers the murder of innocent people-a crime. And does not consider murder an innocent crime only savage. And you, the author, are tired of us with your capital truths… I and itself, guys, already are tired of with these capital truths! But only about the fact that" and so everything is clear " – do not get hot. Few people and little is clear… Psychological workshop: you were given a knife in your hands – and offered to kill a stranger. Promised that won't punish for it, and will give money. Many. It is possible that the apartment is enough… You okay? They will say: "a normal person will refuse." What do you mean, a "normal person"? Someone who's not in the loony bin? Someone who has no reference of mental abnormality from the medical profession – what have Parubiy[1]? That is, if not Parubiy-that already and "normal person"? Yandex.Direct Jeep tours in Moscow-you're driving! Suburban jeeping Trofi-lajjf – cool, fun and impressive! Conquer the off-road! Learn more Hide ads: Not interested in this topic Product purchased or service found Violates the law or spam Interferes with viewing content Thank you, the ad is hidden. Not so simple. Civilization 5 thousand years built community, in which (at least, within them) murder of and theft were criminalized, declared a crime with imposed on them taboo. But those same 5 thousand years not aliens, but humans themselves are community and destroyed, carrying out the scientific term for speaking a RELAPSE of DECRIMINALIZING MURDER. The history of mankind – it not only attempts to deny the murder, but frustratingly-frequent recurrence of savagery, not considering murder as a condemned and punishable. And I'm trying to bring to you, friends, the main thing: the ban on murder is civilization. And the relapse of decriminalization is savagery, the return of savagery, the destruction of civilized relations. I don't know if there are people who want to argue with this, I think it is quite obvious: what can build a society that requires collective efforts, in which murder has ceased to be a crime and it has ceased to be reproached?! What can be in such conditions, construction-the builders will run away with the fear that they will be taken and killed just like that, for no reason, for no reason… *** Like in the joke: "MP Moses presented the draft law "thou shalt Not kill!"I am a member of Hippocrates – "do No harm!" Deputy corps working on amendments…» Capitalism is fraught and pregnant with fascism from the basics and in essence. Fascism is not some perverted and extraneous disease for capitalism, it is an inevitable stage of its transformation, dictated by all the logic and all the pathos of its "values". And only artificially stopping the growth of the capitalist organism, it is possible to forcibly keep capitalism in its children's diapers… In the Soviet Union did not understand the essence of fascism (otherwise Darwinism would not play) – as they did not understand the essence of socialism. The CPSU sought to stake out a monopoly over its version of socialism, to knock out a patent in humanity, in which all other variants of socialism would be declared a falsification and a fake. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website #sedition #capitalism