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Тупик западных технологий и наукообразная иллюзия прогресса. Кто сдерживает развитие человечества ?

The website motor-wheel Duyunova: Investment in the project duyunov: Material on the subject: The science of liberalism is a purely commercial enterprise. And if you can cut down millions, reselling wolf berries grams, and you can fake the results of research and nothing for it will not be, because everyone does - why then strain and really develop something? Spanish engineers have developed a new generation battery. It's cheaper counterparts by 77% and allows you to charge your electric car in just 8 minutes and can travel up to 1000 km Graphene battery already took the test two of the 4 German car companies. If such news, which a couple of a month - about the batteries of ultra-capacity / dikozaryazhayuschiesya-would be 1% true, we would have long gone with mobile phones weighing 30 grams and holding a charge with a month or two. And in China, electric transport - from buses to tiny electric scooters - the sea, and real, not nominal development - is constantly going on. I write as a user of public electric transport, and as the owner of two units of personal. Briefly, why it turns out that way. Applied science is impossible without integration with production. All R & d, all developments - should be implemented as efficiently as possible in the form of prototypes, as efficiently as possible and scientifically tested. To the results were repeatedly tested, confirmed. Then they can draw conclusions, coordinate further development, plan improvements and, when it will be clear, verifiable, predictable and fully studied the result - output in a series. When in 2012 I was interested in the topic of electric scooters in China (well, they were on the roads then probably about half the flow went), I worked through the issue, I was amazed at the scale. Hundreds of manufacturers (!!!! not Resellers) components. Fighting for every 100 watts of power and every 10 kilometers on the battery. Motor-wheel-48V, less kilowatt. Six months later-60V, kilowatt, or even a half. Now-already 72V, and since November - 84V, the power is monstrous, 8 kilowatts on the wheel. People pictures show-motor rally in Tibet. 4.600 meters above sea level, people on electric scooters, off-road. And charging from a regular outlet, all standard. And all this development - in the wild competition, the prices for the final product are the same - as was 1500-5000 yuan per bike, and remains. Although the power and speed, and mileage - increased. Something new came out-in a week it will be in the series. This is because developers and manufacturers are one. Because they work without straightening up. And because they have a good, by Soviet standards, technical education-they did not explain in a timely manner that it is necessary not to work, but "to integrate into temki" / "to fit into the schemes", and to buy more economic, but rather two. What do we see in all these extremely numerous news about Another Unique Breakthrough in Energy from Western Scientists? We see the caricature, the monstrous commercialization of science. With a frequency of "more than once a month" there is something like " Scientists have made a breakthrough. They showed the concept of something that should turn the industry around. It produces electricity from (options - air, water, dust, light, sewer, land, likes on Facebook) with a unique efficiency, often above 100 percent, because American science is not outdated garbage. Scientists are sure to show a very powerful installation that gives birth to gigawatt from the hip, but they need funding, and then ..."Stop! This is key. The key is that all the applied science in the West is sliding to " at Any cost, declare, interest in the investor, let him invest, but in something as fashionable and muddy as possible, then not to answer to him with his head, and Tusi for this money." Look at the breakthrough laser military technology in the US. Look at the breakthrough energy technologies. Private space. You do not see that everything is the same type and within the framework of Ideology Dynamic Startupcamp - breed of investor, sasav his ears pseudo-scientific terminology and botched a fake, imitating the bench, get the loot and next years party? Look at, say, the BAD market. There is the same treshak - take, say, Goji berries, and explain, academic, puffing out his cheeks - they help for weight loss, there is some combination of micronutrients and antioxidants, things like that. The reason is simple-the price in China is less than two yuan per kilo. And under the beautiful name hides the usual wolf berry. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website #sedition #science #progress #deadlock