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Material on the subject For each of us, money is an integral part of life. Of course, they can not buy everything, but I always thought that many problems are solved much easier and easier, having an extra million or two, is not it? But have you ever wondered how the global financial system is managed? Who can afford to print a million dollars and who can't? Is it possible that all people were rich? What is the cause of most wars? The topic is very interesting, for each of us, so I strongly recommend to watch this video until the end, I'm sure the conclusions about the digital currency will shock you a little. All the information presented in the video, rechecked several times, and if you do not agree with something-welcome to the comments, especially those who argue their point of view. Come on. To begin with, many believe that the money is issued by the state, in fact it is not. Most States do not have control over the money security. Obligations to print money belongs to commercial structures. For example, the Federal reserve has the right to issue the US national currency. This is a private organization, a joint stock company created by 12 large private banks in the United States. However, it was not always so. To get the printing press bankers worked for centuries. In the XVIII century founder of the international dynasty of bankers and businessmen Meyer Amschel, Rotchilds (intentional disclaimer, consider options, Wratchild, Rotchell, etc.) said: "Give me the ability to control the issue of money in the country, and I care not who writes its laws". But it was not easy to pull a Scam of this magnitude. It took the bankers several centuries to reach their goals. The idea was to create a commercial Bank that would print money and lend it to the state at interest, that is, on credit. And not to advertise that the Bank is private, and that people thought that it belongs to the state, it was called Federal. So, on December 23, 1913, when most congressmen were on Christmas vacation, the Federal reserve act was pushed through Congress and signed by President Wilson. President Wilson was in collusion with the bankers who financed his company. Later Wilson regretted the incident; " I accidentally destroyed my country," he claimed. In 1944, the bankers swung at world domination, and pushed the Bretton woods agreement, which was adopted that the dollar is no longer exchanged for gold. As a result, the us dollar acquired the status of world money. As a result, the dollarization of the economies of a number of countries led to the withdrawal of the money supply from national control and its transition under the control of the fed. Bankers have established a global monopoly on printing money and severely suppress attempts by States or individuals to print currency. So that print money can be, but not us. You ask what difference who prints money, the main thing that they can be used. But it's not that simple. The main trick of the financial system is that printed money is given to the state in debt, that is, in a loan at a certain interest. For example, the state needs $ 100 billion. To get these papers, the state undertakes to return them with interest and leave a pledge in the form of bills. For example, if the interest rate on loans will be 5%, eventually the state will need to return 105 billion. But the problem is that these 5 billion. physically, there is no such thing as only 100 billion printed. that is, it is impossible to close the debt using the money, there is only one option-to give the bankers what was pledged or take a new loan. Making out a new loan situation over and over again become more difficult. In order to relieve the financial pressure, the state on the same scheme loans to various banks, which in turn lend to the population. But at each step, the interest on the loan becomes higher. The last link in this chain are ordinary people, some of whom are 100% likely to be unable to pay their debts and lose everything. Thus, year after year, the population of the country is driven into debt, gives its property to creditors, becoming poorer and poorer. A financial system built on such principles implies several hundred super-rich people and billions of those who are obliged to work for pennies, paying hidden and obvious interest on debts. So in this system, everyone can not be rich. __ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website #sedition