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TOP 5 MOST AMAZING TECHNOLOGIES OF THE RECENT PAST, WHICH ARGUE RESEARCHERS To understand the mechanisms that are right in front of our eyes, but falling out of the logic of modern understanding, dive into the recent past, rewind some 100 years ago. Let's drop the usual stereotypes embedded in the head from the school bench. And then open up such facts, which you did not know. Well, meet the 5 most seditious technologies of the recent past. GROUND TRANSPORTATION Today we perceive technical means of transportation in a narrow two-or four-wheeled format. But our ancestors did well and one wheel. Hollywood presents it to us as science fiction or technology of the future. But stubborn facts tell a different story. This technology of the past, and most recently, the late 18th-early 19th century. And that was before – can be only guess. A huge number of strange, in our view, devices, just falls out of the old images. Single-wheel mechanisms are clearly seen in almost all aspects of the transport industry. From horse-drawn carriages: And bicycles: Up to 150 km/h speed motorcycles: These technologies smoothly, but steadily came to naught. And, in the end, came under an unspoken ban. For example, a well-known case with the Leningrad engineer Eduard Melnikov, who in 1970 independently assembled a monocycle. Employees of GAI forbade it to move on roads. The only thing that was allowed – riding around St. Isaac's Cathedral for the fun of tourists. There were documentary evidence of the existence of cars on the mono-wheel base: As well as mono-cycles on air traction: By the way, for those who doubt the accuracy of the information in the comments under the video given a list of sources. After reading it, everyone will decide for himself whether it is possible to make such conclusions on their basis. But the Parking lot of a century ago, which is now presented to us as the most high-tech future, unattainable high-tech for cities. WALKING TRANSPORT Here, for example, motorcycle racing, which according to official analysts, is a simulator for riding an ordinary motorcycle. Is such a complex design made to just sit like on a motorcycle? Many have seen funny videos of BostonDynamics employees mocking the robots they have created themselves in order to test their stability and performance. But hundreds of years ago there were similar technologies. And how they were less technologically advanced? According to these svidetelstvom, hardly a lot. But that's not all. Our recent ancestors used not only a unique wheeled transport, but also underground! UNDERGROUND TRANSPORT This is footage from the kingsman Secret service. The 28-minute episode, which depicts an underground air transport. Maybe it's not a fantasy of the Director, and in a similar way really moved some hundred years ago? Under each more or less large city stretch many kilometers of tunnels, their size is surprisingly similar to what is shown in the film. We are told that before us is a typical example of medieval sewage, made in order to keep up with enlightened Europe. These tunnels drain nacitat was in every more or less large city. But what means had to be invested in this? Hundreds and thousands of kilometers! The level of quality is prohibitive by modern standards, the service life is unlimited. If so carefully treated, even to the sewers, why in those times lived in dilapidated shacks, and sometimes in mud huts, illiterate purses? Even according to the most approximate calculations, the volume of investment in the construction of such tunnels is enormous. And the builders who built such a thing had to have the highest qualification. Here we are moving smoothly to construction technologies. Namely the brick. Because all these tunnels are made of him. The quality of modern brick, despite the modern and complex production technology, is much inferior to the quality of the past centuries, and it is known to all who have faced the old masonry. The quality and extent of these clutches are staggering fortress of the stars, the tunnels, any vaulted construction - it is obvious that you need an Assembly line to do so on the principle of "slaves of the master in the shed baked the bricks". CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY In Spain, eighteen kilometers from Alicante there is an ancient reservoir. In a narrow mountain canyon, a dam called CHIBI holds back tons of water. And no wonder the construction did not cause, if not for the Grand scale and date of construction. The first stone at the base of the dam was laid in 1589, and 14 years later, in 1594, the construction was completed. The height of the embankment is 41 meters, the width reaches 33 meters. The gateway system is functioning properly until today, 400 years later!