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Materials 1. Don't be a girl-lose weight without diets and snot Leaving extra pounds leads to an increase in testosterone levels, and in conjunction with the overall improvement of the state of the body is an incredibly strong positive effect. There are dozens of relevant techniques that answer the question "how to lose weight." Well, in General, the strategy for weight loss is one: less sweet, and in General moderation in food + physical activity. 2. Intensive training + intermittent fasting The combination of short intensive training and intermittent (periodic) fasting causes an increase in the level of testosterone in men and prevents its reduction. At the same time, observations of men who focus on aerobic and long-term, but measured training, did not reveal an increase in the level of this hormone. There are countless different variations of intense training. To begin with, you can build your class around this scheme: Careful warm-up-3 minutes (required!). The maximum hard and intense pace at the approach lasting 30 seconds, almost to failure. Recovery within 90 seconds. Repeat the second and third paragraphs seven times. As you can see, this training takes only 20 minutes (with 75% of the time occupied by rest and recovery, and intensive work — only 4 minutes), but gives a stunning effect. Pay due attention to the warm-up. An explosive start to a serious injury. The body should be stretched, stretched, well warmed up. This tactic is applicable to a huge number of simulators, in classes with a barbell and dumbbells, in running and swimming. Intermittent fasting corrects hormonal background, contributing to the production of more testosterone and loss of excess fat. You simply narrow the food window, for example, take food only from 10 to 18 hours. Unfortunately, too frequent and prolonged hunger provokes a negative effect, reducing the level of testosterone, so it is important to measure. The combination of these techniques gives a fairly pronounced effect, and as a bonus, a person gets a more slender, muscular and toned body. 3. Strength training In addition to intensive training, there is another type of training that significantly stimulates the production of testosterone — strength training. As long as you perform the training with the proper intensity, your testosterone level will increase. The key principle of strength training: less repetitions, more weight, more basic exercises. For such classes require appropriate training and practice, so do not rush to go under 100 kg bar. Another option that allows you to get the desired effect with less weight — slowing down the negative phase of the exercise or slowing down the implementation of the whole exercise, that is, and the negative and positive phase. 4. Observe the zinc norm Compliance with zinc standards is important not only to increase, but also to maintain testosterone levels. Numerous studies show a significant increase in this hormone after six weeks, provided that a person with initially low testosterone levels includes sufficient zinc in the diet. The best way to meet zinc standards is to eat the right food. Protein-rich food. Meat, fish, milk, cheese, legumes, natural yogurt, kefir. 5. vitamin D Vitamin D also affects testosterone levels. Problems with obtaining vitamin from sunlight in the winter in Central Russia experience almost everything, we have at this time the sun just does not rise high, with the so-called UV index less than 2 vitamin production does not occur, it is important for us. In this case, it is necessary to include in the diet natural products rich in vitamin D, the daily rate of which for adults is 600 ME. Well, in the summer you need as often as possible to hit all his muscular torso, pumped up by the already described technique.__ Subscribe to kramola in social networks: VC OK FB The website #sedition #testosterone #health