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Они сделают всё, чтобы ты этого не увидел. Запрещено на ТВ

The video was created by the team of the channel Think Self / Think Now The guys are now working on a very necessary project, dedicated to the influence of the mainstream media on people and society, it can be supported on the site of the "Planet" site by the link: Everyone knows that even small doses of alcohol increase the accident rate of driving, lead to injuries and marriage in the workplace. Is it worth recalling that in Russia about half of the rapes and about two-thirds of the murders are committed in a state of alcohol intoxication. It is enough to open any summary of criminal news to see the direct effect of poison on the brain. Every living creature has an essential ability - the ability to distinguish. In man, discrimination is developed not only on the basis of 5 types of perception. We are able to develop abstract concepts: rules of conduct, morality and laws. All that can not be touched, but that largely determines human life. People have learned to generalize phenomena and, to derive from them the laws of nature. They created adaptations that facilitated our existence and allowed us to populate the entire planet. Scientific and technological achievements, art and crafts, all this man has through discrimination. Any training is essentially the development of the ability to distinguish. Neurons form new connections. Thus, the acquired knowledge and skills are preserved. On the basis of this knowledge other, more complex, new concepts are formed. When a person lives soberly, the brain works properly, this process goes naturally. The poison causes a chemical attack on it. Alcohol destroys neural connections, prevents them from forming. The highest manifestation of discrimination was morality. It is the ability to distinguish Good and Evil in social life, and in the realm of reason, Truth and Falsehood. A moral person not only distinguishes a path leading to a happy life from what leads to perdition. He is able, with will, to follow the path of good and truth, no matter how difficult it may be. Self-poisoning sharply reduces the ability to distinguish. And at the same time, the fall of morality also occurs. Gradually, conscience is undermined, the sense of shame begins to disappear, the capacity for compassion and empathy is weakened. Self-centeredness grows. The extreme point of this path is "moral death". For the sake of poison, one who was once a man is capable of any crime, without experiencing any remorse. Any poison acts as an instrument of dehumanization. There are those who benefit from it. You can talk endlessly about human rights, talk about freedom and democracy. But any society in which, by law, it is allowed to deceive people into alcohol-tobacco captivity, remains slave, whatever values ​​it declares. In 1914 the people of the Russian Empire regained their Sobriety. Despite the hard trials, Russia stood, recovered, became a powerful industrial power, won a terrible war. It was the least poisoned period of our modern history. And the process of degradation of Soviet statehood coincides with the growth of self-poisoning. Poisoned people lost their country in peacetime. When people have tobacco, alcohol and other poisons turned off, they lose the ability to defend their interests. The people are turning into a scattered population, with which one can do anything, anything. People cease to understand the goals of political processes, they can not predict the results to which they lead. In our country, since the Soviet era, a grand humanitarian disaster has unfolded. Sobriety is taken away from tens of millions of people. It is difficult to deny the unprecedented decline in the quality of the population. You can find as many as you want a great national idea or formulas for a way out of the economic impasse. But while the people are poisoned, any talk about spiritual, personal, intellectual growth, about the growth of well-being and progress is empty talk. No matter how mankind rejects this question, life will repeatedly return us to it. Through troubles and disasters, tragedies and privations. And this is especially acute in our country. The state with the richest natural resources, influencing the good half of the world, is destroyed and has been ruined for decades. Sobriety of the population is an indispensable minimum, without which Russia can not be saved. No positive changes, political or economic, without the approval of Sobriety are possible. Once our ancestors have already proved that this goal is achievable. Only when our people return to themselves the Sobriety taken away from him, will also return the ability to distinguish. And this is the main resource that we need for a full and happy life on our land.